The Bourne Legacy
Rated PG-13
Box Office: $113.2 Million


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The Bourne Legacy pulls back the curtain on a government secret even darker than Jason Bourne. When Bourne exposes Operation Treadstone at the end of The Bourne Ultimatum,he sparks a bonfire that threatens to burn down decades of research and development into the building of better spies and warriors. In The Bourne Legacy, audiences discover that there are actually a variety of covert intelligence programs — all of which now feel the threat of exposure. On the verge of having their conspiracy revealed, members of the government's intelligence community will stop at nothing to erase all evidence of their top secret programs. With his life in jeopardy, agent Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) must use his genetically-engineered skills to survive the ultimate game of cat-and-mouse and finish what Jason Bourne started.

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Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton, Joan Allen, Oscar Isaac, Scott Glenn, Albert Finney, Stacy Keach, Corey Stoll, Michael Papajohn

DIRECTOR:   Tony Gilroy

WRITER:   Tony Gilroy, Dan Gilroy

PRODUCER:   Frank Marshall

BOX OFFICE   $113.2 Million

GENRE   Action/Adventure/Suspense

RATING   Rated PG-13 violence and action sequences

RUN TIME   135 Minutes

STUDIO   Universal