Heartbeat Detector
Not Rated


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Heartbeat Detector is a riveting mystery of blackmail and intrigue, where the long-buried secrets of high-powered corporate executives threaten to bring them down.

Mathieu Amalric (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) is Simon Kessler, a psychologist working for multinational petrochemical corporation SC Farb. Simon's tenacious, rigorous and resilient. His successful role in a corporate downsizing proved to SC Farb's director Karl Rose that Simon is perfect for a delicate situation concerning the firm's head office in Germany. The Germans want a report on CEO Mathias Jüst, who they fear is unfit for his role. The sinister Mr. Rose wants Simon to secretly investigate Jüst.

But Jüst is no fool. Aware of Simon's toiling for Rose, Jüst toys with Simon before challenging him with confidential and compromising information that hints at unspeakable crimes against humanity reaching back to WWII.

Following a dubious suicide attempt, Jüst presents Simon with anonymous letters written to him implicating both Jüst and SC Farb for their allegiance to the Third Reich. When Simon receives similar letters, he digs deeper into the tangled web before him. Simon follows a clue and sets off for an impromptu meeting where blackmail, betrayal, murder and the hierarchy of SC Farb's repressed past will all come to light.

Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   Mathieu Amalric, Michael Lonsdale, Edith Scob, Lou Castel

DIRECTOR:   Nicolas Klotz

GENRE   Drama

RATING   Not Rated

RUN TIME   141 Minutes

STUDIO   New Yorker