Tortoise vs. Hare
Rated PG


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It's the ultimate race to the finish line as the Tortoise and the Hare face off once again in this entertaining tale from the storied Jim Henson Company. Once upon a time, "sure and steady" Mr. Tortoise won the race...and speedy Mr. Hare is determined to make sure it doesn't happen again in the rematch of the century. Join Danny Glover, Jay Leno, Vivica Fox, Drake Bell, and Keke Palmer as they lend their voice talent to this animated hit that runs circles around the classic tale!

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Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   Danny Glover, Jay Leno, Vivica Fox, Drake Bell, Keke Palmer

DIRECTOR:   Howard E. Baker, Arish Fyzee

WRITER:   Tom Martin

GENRE   Childrens


RUN TIME   80 Minutes

STUDIO   The Weinstein Company