ER: The Complete Twelfth Season
Not Rated
TV Series/Drama


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Look who's checked in at County General: Dr. Victor Clemente arrives with a motor mouth, a load of talent and a questionable past. Imposing, no-nonsense Eve Spellman takes charge (and almost takes over) as the new nurse manager. And hunky paramedic Tony Gates proves he's more than a guy on the make. Season 12 also brings spiraling drama and suspense to the lives of ER veterans. Abby and Kovac share unexpected news. Gallant comes home from Iraq to be with Neela. Pratt goes to Darfur to work with Carter. And burn victims, stabbing victims, gunshot victims, assault victims - young and old, male and female, grateful and combative - keep the ER on edge. And sometimes over the edge.

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PRINCIPAL CAST:   Goran Visnjic, Maura Tierney, Sherry Stringfield, Parminder Nagra, Linda Cardellini, Shane West, Scott Grimes, Sherry Stringfield, Mekhi Phifer, Sara Gilbert, Laura Innes, Corey Stoll, Laura Ceron, Troy Evans, Yvette Freeman, Kyle Richards, Emily Wagner, Deezer D, Danny Glover, Kat Dennings, Jessica Hecht, John Leguizamo, Leland Orser, Stana Katic, Abraham Benrubi, Callie Thorne, Eamonn Walker, Mary McCormack, Natasha Gregson Wagner, Ernie Hudson, Garret Dillahunt

GENRE   TV Series/Drama

RATING   Not Rated

RUN TIME   1012 Minutes

STUDIO   Warner Bros.