The Black Waters of Echo's Pond
Rated R
Box Office: $0.2 Million


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During a Turkish archeological dig early last century, an ancient board game said to have entertained demons was unearthed. Now nearly 90 years later, a group of vacationing friends — including a cynic (Danielle Harris of HALLOWEEN), a rich jerk (James Duval of DONNIE DARKO), a slutty starlet (Mircea Monroe of "Hart Of Dixie"), a jock (Nick Menell of FRIDAY THE 13TH) and prudish twin sisters (Electra & Elise Avellan of GRINDHOUSE) — discover the game hidden in an old house on a remote Maine island. And with a roll of the dice, their darkest secrets will unleash all the greed, jealously and lusts of Hell itself.

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Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   Danielle Harris, Robert Patrick, Sean Lawlor, James Duval, Nick Menell, Elise Avellan, Electra Avellan, Richard Tyson, Arcadiy Golubovich, Walker Howard, M.D. Walton, Declan Joyce, Nitsa Benchetrit, Adamo Palladino, Mircea Monroe

DIRECTOR:   Gabriel Bologna

BOX OFFICE   $0.2 Million

GENRE   Horror

RATING   Rated R bloody horror violence and gore, language, drug use and some sexuality/nudity

RUN TIME   93 Minutes