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A college student inherits an 18th century machine with deadly supernatural powers. When the machine suddenly disappears and his friends start dying horrific deaths, the student must team up with his estranged brother to find the thief and stop the killings before he becomes the next victim.

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PRINCIPAL CAST:   Tahyna Tozzi, Jane Badler, Travis Fimmel, Michael Dorman, Ben Mendelsohn, Jessica Marais, John Jarratt, Trilby Glover, Khan Chittenden, Murray Bartlett, Malcolm Kennard, Luke Carroll, Chanel Marriott, Nathaniel Buzolic, Jade Chamberlain

DIRECTOR:   John V. Soto

WRITER:   Anthony Egan, John V. Soto

GENRE   Suspense/Horror

RATING   Rated R bloody horror violence and language

RUN TIME   89 Minutes

STUDIO   Lionsgate