The Green
Not Rated


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The Green tells the story of a teacher at a Connecticut private high school, who thinks he can live a simple, harmonious domestic existence with his partner Daniel, a locavore caterer. Seemingly more concerned with the minutiae of suburban life than he is about challenging the bias he experiences in the provincial, recession-weary Yankee bastion, Michael adheres to an unspoken survival code: Don't speak up, don't make trouble.

But Michael's world is turned upside-down when he is accused of engaging in "inappropriate behavior" with a male student, who runs away from home leaving behind his financially-strapped mother and her mercenary boyfriend to capitalize on the school's culpability in the alleged affair. With his job, relationship, and freedom in jeopardy, Michael must confront the suspicions of his co-workers, the latent homophobia of his friends and neighbors, and Daniel's doubts about his partner's innocence after the investigation reveals a secret from his past.

Winner of the Best Feature Film at the Connecticut International Film Festival, The Green was written by Paul Marcarelli, best known as Verizon's "Can you hear me now" pitchman.

Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   Jason Butler Harner, Cheyenne Jackson, Julia Ormond, Illeana Douglas, Karen Young, Boris McGiver, Bill Sage, Mary B. McCann, Mark Blum

DIRECTOR:   Steven Williford

WRITER:   Paul Marcarelli

GENRE   Drama

RATING   Not Rated

STUDIO   Wolfe