Darling Companion
Rated PG-13
Box Office: $0.7 Million


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In DARLING COMPANION, Beth (Diane Keaton) saves a bedraggled lost dog from the side of the freeway on a wintry day in Denver. Struggling with her distracted, self-involved husband Joseph (Kevin Kline) and an empty nest at home, Beth forms a special bond with the rescued animal. When Joseph loses the dog after a wedding at their vacation home in the Rockies, the distraught Beth enlists the help of the few remaining guests and a mysterious young woman (Ayelet Zurer) in a frantic search. Each member of the search party is affected by the adventure, which takes them in unexpected directions -- comic, harrowing, sometimes deeply emotional and ultimately towards love.

UPC: 043396575899
$26.99 $17.70

Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   Diane Keaton, Kevin Kline, Ayelet Zurer, Richard Jenkins, Dianne Wiest, Sam Shepard, Mark Duplass, Elisabeth Moss, Jay Ali, Jame Anthony, Robert Bear, Charles Halford, Tod Huntington

DIRECTOR:   Lawrence Kasdan

WRITER:   Meg Kasdan, Lawrence Kasdan

PRODUCER:   Elizabeth Redleaf, Anthony Bregman

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER:   Christine K. Walker, John J. Kelly, Meg Kasdan, Lawrence Kasdan

BOX OFFICE   $0.7 Million

GENRE   Comedy/Drama/Romance

RATING   Rated PG-13 some sexual content including references, and language

RUN TIME   89 Minutes

STUDIO   Sony Pictures Classics