The Three Stooges
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In 1959, a TV executive tries to persuade Moe Howard (Paul Ben-Victor, TV's "In Plain Sight") to reunite with his former onscreen partners to publicize the television premiere of a package of Three Stooges classic comedy shorts. Howard flashes back on his long and remarkable career with Shemp (John Kassir, TV's "Tales from the Crypt"), Larry (Evan Handler, TV's "Sex and the City") and "Curly"(Michael Chiklis, TV's "The Shield"). Success proves to be a bumpy road fraught with bad deals, poor health, rocky relationships and group disharmony. Newly remastered.

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PRINCIPAL CAST:   Michael Chiklis, John Kassir, Evan Handler, Paul Ben-Victor, Rachael Blake, Joel Edgerton, Marton Csokas, Linal Haft, Jeanette Cronin, Anna Lise Phillips, Phillip Hinton, Laurence Coy

DIRECTOR:   James Frawley

WRITER:   Janet Roach, Kirk Ellis

PRODUCER:   Jim Lemley

GENRE   Drama/Comedy

RATING   Not Rated