The Life & Times of Tim: The Complete Third Season
Not Rated
Animated/TV Series/Comedy


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In the final season of The Life & Times of Tim, mild-mannered 20-something New Yorker Tim is still trying to get a handle on his life. He never catches a break; day-to-day decisions perplex him and he takes bad advice from unsavory characters. Tim's always in a sticky situation, whether he's a key witness in a lawsuit, trying to impress his girlfriend Amy's dad by claiming to be a sausage salesman or racking up a huge bill at a strip club. An average guy navigating hilarious circumstances in the big city is all a part of The Life and Times of Tim.

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PRINCIPAL CAST:   Steve Dildarian, M.J. Otto, Nick Kroll, Peter Giles, Matt Johnson, Kym Whitley, Marc Maron, Kate Flannery, Edie McClurg, Alan Tudyk, George Wallace, Anton Yelchin, Jennifer Coolidge, Rob Corddry, Penny Marshall, Bob Saget, Horatio Sanz, Paul Scheer, Billy Dee Williams

GENRE   TV Series/Comedy

RATING   Not Rated

RUN TIME   300 Minutes