Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn
Rated R


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After serving several prison sentences, Bobby Baldano is released. Craving a life of crime, but desperate to honor his family, Bobby must decide whether to make his family proud or destroy what generations of Baldanos have built before him. When forced to make a life- altering decision between his two families, he'll quickly learn that one wrong move could be his last.

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PRINCIPAL CAST:   Ja Rule, Ice-T, Armand Assante, William DeMeo, Cathy Moriarty, Vincent Pastore, Robert Costanzo, Wass Stevens, Samantha Ivers, William Sweet, Louis Vanaria, Elia Monte-Brown, Charles Parshley, Anthony Acierno, Bronson Arroyo

DIRECTOR:   Paul Borghese

WRITER:   William DeMeo, Paul Borghese

GENRE   Crime/Action

RATING   Rated R

RUN TIME   116 Minutes