Welcome to the Punch
Rated R


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WELCOME TO THE PUNCH is the story of two arch-nemeses: detective Max Lewinsky (James McAvoy; X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, WANTED) and master criminal Jacob Sternwood (Mark Strong; SHERLOCK HOLMES, ZERO DARK THIRTY). When Sternwood escaped three years ago after a daring robbery, Max was left emotionally and physically scarred. But after Sternwood's son turns up in a hospital due to a failed heist, he's forced to return to London — giving Max his second chance to get the one criminal who got away. Yet as Max delves deeper into the case he uncovers a vast conspiracy. Featuring rising star Andrea Riseborough (W.E., SHADOW DANCER) and Peter Mullan (TYRANNOSAUR, WAR HORSE), the film was shot in the gleaming streets of London's rejuvenated East End and the banking center of Canary Wharf.

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Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   James McAvoy, Mark Strong, David Morrissey, Andrea Riseborough, Jason Flemyng, Peter Mullan, Daniel Mays, Johnny Haris, Elyes Gabel, Daniel Kaluuya, Steve Oram

DIRECTOR:   Eran Creevy

WRITER:   Eran Creevy

GENRE   Action/Crime/Suspense

RATING   Rated R violence and language

RUN TIME   99 Minutes