Dracula: The Complete Legacy Collection
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The original Dracula is one of the silver screen's most unforgettable characters and, along with the other Universal Classic Monsters, defined the Hollywood horror genre. Dracula: Complete Legacy Collection includes all 6 films from the original legacy including the frightening classic starring Bela Lugosi and the timeless films that followed. These landmark motion pictures defined the iconic look of the famed vampire and continue to inspire countless remakes and adaptations that strengthen the legend of Dracula to this day.

This is a multiple-item set containing these film/programs:


Dracula's Daughter

Son Of Dracula

House Of Dracula

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PRINCIPAL CAST:   Bela Lugosi, Otto Kruger, Lon Chaney, Jr., Boris Karloff, Bud Abbott, David Manners, Gloria Holden, Robert Paige, John Carradine, Lou Costello, Edward Van Sloan, Marguerite Churchill, Louise Allbritton, Martha O'Driscoll, Helen Chandler, Evelyn Ankers, Lionel Atwill, Anne Gwynne, Dwight Frye, Gilbert Emery, Frank Craven, Onslow Stevens, Peter Coe, Glenn Strange, Frances Dade, Irving Pichel, J. Edward Bromberg, Jane Adams, Lenore Aubert, Halliwell Hobbs, Samuel S. Hinds, Ludwig Stossel, George Zucco, Jane Randolph, Frank Ferguson, Skelton Knaggs, Charles Bradstreet

DIRECTOR:   Tod Browning, Lambert Hillyer, Robert Siodmak, Erle C. Kenton, Charles Barton

PRODUCER:   Jr., Paul Malvern, Tod Browning, Ford Beebe, Robert Arthur

RATING   Not Rated

RUN TIME   449 Minutes

STUDIO   Universal