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A new version of an old story - the great American dream. LANSKY tells of a young emigrant's rise from poverty to riches through hard-edged business sense ... and a ruthless ability to murder anyone who gets in his way. Richard Dreyfuss is LANSKY - the man who organized organized crime.

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PRINCIPAL CAST:   Richard Dreyfuss, Eric Roberts, Anthony LaPaglia, Beverly D'Angelo, Illeana Douglas, Max Perlich, Ryan Merriman, Francis Guinan, Stanley DeSantis, Jeff Perry, Ron Perkins, Maury Ginsberg, Bill Capizzi, Ron Gilbert, Sal Landi, Nicky Corello, Joshua Praw, Anthony Medwetz, Matthew Settle, Paul Sincoff

DIRECTOR:   John McNaughton

PRODUCER:   Fred Caruso

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER:   Fred Zollo, Nick Paleologos, David Mamet

GENRE   Drama

RATING   Rated R

RUN TIME   117 Minutes

STUDIO   HBO Home Entertainment