Dig: Season One
Not Rated
TV Series/Drama/Suspense


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Delve deep into the international conspiracies at the heart of Dig: Season One, the epic global thriller featuring an all-star cast led by Golden Globe® nominee Jason Isaacs (The Harry Potter series, The Patriot) and Anne Heche (Donnie Brasco, Six Days Seven Nights). When FBI agent Peter Connelly (Isaacs) investigates the murder of a beautiful American woman in Jerusalem, he soon discovers that the holiest city on earth hides an unholy secret. Now, in a race against time, Peter must stop the schemes that threaten to bring about an ancient prophecy and change the course of humanity. From the executive producers of Homeland and Heroes comes an immersive, heart-racing 10-part TV event presented uninterrupted and back-to-back.

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PRINCIPAL CAST:   Jason Isaacs, Anne Heche, Ori Pfeffer, Angela Bettis, Alison Sudol, Zen McGrath, David Costabile, Regina Taylor, Lauren Ambrose, Richard E. Grant, Amy Stewart

GENRE   TV Series/Drama/Suspense

RATING   Not Rated

RUN TIME   105 Minutes

STUDIO   Universal