Rated PG
Science Fiction


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That TV commercial actress is so seductive she could sell you anything. She's only a computer-generated illusion. What about the real beauty who was the computer's model? Sorry, you can't meet her: She and others like her have been murdered. Writer/director Michael Crichton (ER, Coma) reaches into his brain-teasing bag of tricks for a mesmerizing thriller full of unfriendly persuasion generated by high-tech trickery. Albert Finney stars as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon whose supermodel clients start dying mysteriously. Susan Dey plays his latest patient, also now in peril. And James Coburn is the head of a research facility which has developed a subtly hypnotic way to sell things. Take a good look at sleek, chic, scary Looker. There's a lot more than meets the eye.

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Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   Albert Finney, James Coburn, Susan Dey, Leigh Taylor-Young, Dorian Harewood, Tim Rossovich, Darryl Hickman, Kathryn Witt

DIRECTOR:   Michael Crichton

PRODUCER:   Howard Jeffrey

GENRE   Science Fiction


RUN TIME   92 Minutes