Soulmates: Season 1
Not Rated
TV Series/Romance


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Soulmates is set fifteen years into the future, when science has made a discovery that changes the lives of everyone on the planet -- a test that unequivocally tells you who your soulmate is. Nikki doubts her marriage, David has an affair, Libby loves both soulmate and husband, Mateo has a wild adventure, Kurt’s soulmate is dead, Caitlin questions if her match is good for her.

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Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   Sarah Snook, Bill Skarsgard, Malin Akerman, Betsy Brandt

DIRECTOR:   Rob Savage, Marco Kreizpaintner, Andrea Harkin, Will Bridges

GENRE   TV Series/Romance

RATING   Not Rated

RUN TIME   270 Minutes

STUDIO   Legacy Image/RLJ