Rated R
Box Office: $14.3 Million


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Stillwater follows an American oil-rig roughneck from Oklahoma who travels to Marseille to visit his estranged daughter, in prison for a murder she claims she did not commit. Confronted with language barriers, cultural differences, and a complicated legal system, Bill builds a new life for himself in France as he makes it his personal mission to exonerate his daughter.

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PRINCIPAL CAST:   Matt Damon, Abigail Breslin, Camille Cottin, Ginifer Ree, Deanna Dunagan, Ryan Music, Lilou Siauvaud, Kyle Jacob Henry, Robert Peters, Lisandro Boccacci, Anne Le Ny, Lena Harmon, Kelly Bellacci, Moussa Maaskri, Erin Herring, Justin France, Leesa Neidel, Dustin Wilson

DIRECTOR:   Tom McCarthy

WRITER:   Tom McCarthy

BOX OFFICE   $14.3 Million

GENRE   Drama/Crime

RATING   Rated R language

RUN TIME   140 Minutes

STUDIO   Focus