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“No other crime thriller compares to Filibus!” exclaimed a Corona Films ad
in the April 1915 Italian film magazine La Vita Cinematografica — and for
once the ballyhoo was correct! Directed by Mario Roncoroni and scripted
by future science fiction author Giovanni Bertinetti, Filibus is the most exciting,
witty, feminist, steampunk, cross-dressing aviatrix thriller you will ever see!
Flying high above the clouds in her dirigible, Filibus, the mysterious sky pirate,
is a master of disguise and the scourge of millionaires, banks, and the police.
Lowered in a gondola by her henchmen, Filibus steals from the rich and then
mysteriously vanishes into the clouds.
With a new digital transfer, newly translated intertitles and a stunning score
by the famed Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, Filibus is a joy to behold!

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Additional information

GENRE   Action

RATING   Not Rated

RUN TIME   71 Minutes

STUDIO   Kino Lorber