Ski Patrol
Rated PG


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Pops is the longtime owner of an easygoing ski lodge, but its future is put in jeopardy by cutthroat businessman Sam Maris. Intent on replacing the lodge with an resort, Maris schemes to get Pops' lease revoked. What he doesn't count on is the mountain's madcap ski patrol. As the crazed crew leaps into action to save Pops' business, Maris begins to wish he'd never thought of his evil scheme!

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PRINCIPAL CAST:   Roger Rose, Corby Timbrook, T.K. Carter, Leslie Jordan, George Lopez, Martin Mull, Ray Walston, Paul Fieg, Tess, Sean Gregory Sullivan

DIRECTOR:   Richard Correll

PRODUCER:   Donald L. West, Phillip B. Goldfine

GENRE   Comedy


RUN TIME   88 Minutes