The V.I.P.s
Not Rated


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For elite passengers awaiting London-to-U.S. flights, takeoff can't occur soon enough. But then fog rolls in, grounding air traffic. Over the next fateful night, the jet-setters must face problems and not flee them. First-class stars book passage for romantic melodrama mixed with wry comic flourishes in The V.I.P.s. Frances (Elizabeth Taylor) is running from her neglectful tycoon husband (Richard Burton) into the arms of suave Marc (Louis Jourdan). Filmmaker Max (Orson Welles) is dodging the taxman. Harried entrepreneur Les (Rod Taylor) is blind to the romantic devotion of his secretary (Maggie Smith). And a dotty duchess (Margaret Rutherford, who won an Oscar *, Golden Globe and a National Board of Review Award for her delightful performance) is determined to save her ancestral manor.

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PRINCIPAL CAST:   Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Louis Jourdan, Elsa Martinelli, Margaret Rutherford, Maggie Smith, Rod Taylor, Orson Welles, Linda Christian, Dennis Price

DIRECTOR:   Anthony Asquith

PRODUCER:   Anatole de Grunwald

GENRE   Comedy

RATING   Not Rated

RUN TIME   119 Minutes