Angela's Ashes
Rated R
Box Office: $13.0 Million


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Angela's Ashes, the Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir, comes to life in this stirring film from acclaimed director Alan Parker (Evita) starring Academy Award-nominee Emily Watson (Breaking The Waves) and Robert Carlyle (The Full Monty). Life in impoverished Depression-era Ireland holds little promise for young Frank McCourt, the oldest son in a tightly knit family. Living by his wits, cheered by his irrepressible spirit, and sustained by his mother's fierce love, Frank embarks on an inspiring journey to overcome the poverty of his childhood and reach the land of his dreams: America.

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Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   Emily Watson, Robert Carlyle, Joseph Breen, Ciaron Owens, Michael Legge, Ronnie Masterson, Pauline McLynn, Liam Carney

DIRECTOR:   Alan Parker

WRITER:   Frank McCourt, Laura Jones, Alan Parker

BOX OFFICE   $13.0 Million

GENRE   Drama

RATING   Rated R

RUN TIME   145 Minutes

STUDIO   Paramount