Alien Resurrection
Rated R
Science Fiction


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The nefarious experiments begin. An unholycombination of human and alien genetics is discovered,made possible by an uneasy alliance between arenegade band of smugglers and a zealous cadre ofscientists and officials. One subject is familiar, awoman horrifically linked to alien species that nowelicits so much scrutiny. Ripley is back and all is notwhat it seems.

Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder, Ron Perlman, Dan Hedaya, Dominique Pinon, Michael Wincott, J.E. Freeman, Brad Dourif, Raymond Cruz, Kim Flowers, Gary Dourdan, Leland Orser

DIRECTOR:   Jean-Pierre Jeunet

PRODUCER:   Bill Badalato, Gordon Carroll, David Giler, Walter Hill

GENRE   Science Fiction

RATING   Rated R strong sci-fi violence and gore, some grotesque images, and for language

RUN TIME   108 Minutes

STUDIO   20th Century Studios