Men In Black II
Rated PG-13
Comedy/Science Fiction
Box Office: $190.4 Million


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Agent J needs help in his latest case so he elicits the help of Agent K by restoring his memory and together they battle the latest threat of aliens against Earth.

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Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Lara Flynn Boyle, Johnny Knoxville, Rosario Dawson, Rip Torn, Patrick Warburton, Paige Brooks, Nick Cannon, Biz Markie, Tony Shalhoub

DIRECTOR:   Barry Sonnenfeld

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER:   Steven Spielberg

BOX OFFICE   $190.4 Million

GENRE   Comedy/Science Fiction

RATING   Rated PG-13 sci-fi action violence and some provocative humor

RUN TIME   82 Minutes

STUDIO   Sony Pictures