Till Human Voices Wake Us
Rated R


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Spectacularly photographed in Australia and hauntingly atmospheric in theme, Til Human Voices Wake Us teams Guy Pearce and Helena Bonham Carter in a compelling supernatural romance. Pearce plays Dr. Sam Franks, an emotionally troubled psychologist who is traveling home to bury his father in the small Australian town where he was raised. It is an emotional journey that forces him to confront the memories of a long-ago summer that ended in tragedy. During the journey, he encounters Ruby (Bonham Carter), a beautiful, mysterious young woman with a secret past.

Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   Guy Pearce, Helena Bonham Carter, Frank Gallacher, Brooke Harman, Lindley Joyner, Peter Curtin, Margot Knight, Anthony Martin, Dawn Klingberg, Bassem Abousaid

DIRECTOR:   Michael Petroni

WRITER:   Michael Petroni

GENRE   Romance/Drama

RATING   Rated R a scene of sexuality

RUN TIME   101 Minutes

STUDIO   Paramount Classics