Home On The Range
Rated PG
Box Office: $50.0 Million


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When the family farm faces foreclosure, the animals band together and come up with a scheme to raise the $1,000.00 that would save the farm.

An ex-bounty hunter's horse and the three cows lead a crusade to capture a known felon in the next town with a $1,000.00 bounty on his head.

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Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   Roseanne, Cuba Gooding Jr., Sarah Jessica Parker, Randy Quaid, Jennifer Tilly, Judi Dench, David Burnham

DIRECTOR:   John Sanford, Will Finn

BOX OFFICE   $50.0 Million

GENRE   Comedy/Family

RATING   Rated PG brief mild rude humor

RUN TIME   76 Minutes

STUDIO   Disney