Freaks and Geeks: The Complete Series
Not Rated
TV Series/Comedy


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The fans demanded it, and so it has come. Freaks and Geeks, the Emmy®, award-winning series about the trials and tribulations of outsiders in 1980 Michigan is finally coming out on DVD in its original form, with all of its original music. The complete series includes all 18 original episodes; the director's cut of the pilot with never-before-seen footage; deleted scenes; outtakes; behind-the-scenes footage and 29 commentary tracks by the actors, writers and directors who made the show. If you wanted it, it's in here. Even if you didn't want it, it's in here. So rock on and enjoy!

Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   Linda Cardellini, John Francis Daley, James Franco, Samm Levine, Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, Martin Starr, Busy Philipps, Joe Flaherty

WRITER:   Judd Apatow


GENRE   TV Series/Comedy

RATING   Not Rated

RUN TIME   1080 Minutes

STUDIO   Sony Music Video