Becoming Jane
Rated PG
Box Office: $18.6 Million


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Anne Hathaway portrays a young Jane Austen in love in Miramax Films' Becoming Jane, the imaginative and witty romantic comedy about the great untold romance that inspired one of English literature's most celebrated authors. Also starring James McAvoy, Academy Award® winner Maggie Smith and Academy Award® nominees James Cromwell and Julie Walters, this is an enchanting tale of sense and sensibility, pride and prejudice, aspiration and inspiration as an eligible young woman of the early 19th century dreams of doing the unthinkable — marrying for love.

UPC: 032429351678
$14.99 $8.97

Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   Anne Hathaway, James Cromwell, James McAvoy, Maggie Smith, Julie Walters, Anna Maxwell Martin, Lucy McKenna, Ian Richardson, Jessica Ashworth, Joe Anderson, Laurence Fox

DIRECTOR:   Julian Jarrold

WRITER:   Kevin Hood, Sarah Williams

BOX OFFICE   $18.6 Million

GENRE   Drama/Romance

RATING   Rated PG some language and brief nudity

RUN TIME   75 Minutes

STUDIO   Miramax