Dante's Peak / Daylight
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Dante's Peak: Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton star in Dante's Peak, an action-packed story about the incomparable power of nature and mankind's unending will to survive. When unusual seismic activity is detected in the charming little Pacific Northwest town of Dante's Peak, volcanologist Harry Dalton (Brosnan) is called in to investigate. Certain that a long-dormant volcano is set to erupt and the townspeople are in danger, he convinces Mayor Rachel Wando (Hamilton) to take action. Now the race is on to evacuate the town before it's too late in this gripping adventure that's filled with adrenaline-fueled action and spectacular special effects! Daylight: Brace yourself for nonstop action and suspense! Sylvester Stallone races against time to lead a group of stranded commuters out of a collapsed tunnel 100 feet below the Hudson River, in director Rob Cohen's (The Fast and the Furious) Daylight. When an explosion seals off a commuter tunnel, the survivors are faced with toxic fumes, fires and the impending collapse of the tunnel. Their only hope lies in the hands of Kit Latura (Stallone), a former Emergency Medical Services chief who is haunted by a tragic past. As the walls cave in and the tunnel fills up with water, Latura risks his own life to save others and prevent the disaster from escalating into an even greater catastrophe. Filled with spectacular special effects and heart-pounding intensity, Daylight will have you holding your breath from start to finish.

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PRINCIPAL CAST:   Pierce Brosnan, Sylvester Stallone, Linda Hamilton, Amy Brenneman, Charles Hallahan, Viggo Mortensen, Grant Heslov, Dan Hedaya, Elizabeth Hoffman, Jay O. Sanders, Jeremy Foley, Karen Young, Jamie Renee Smith, Claire Bloom, Arabella Field, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Tzi Ma, Barry Newman, Brian Reddy, Stan Shaw, Kirk Trutner, Sage Stallone

DIRECTOR:   Roger Donaldson, Rob Cohen

PRODUCER:   Gale Anne Hurd, John Davis, Joseph M. Singer, David T. Friendly

GENRE   Action/Adventure

RATING   Not Rated

RUN TIME   224 Minutes

STUDIO   Universal