Rated PG-13
Box Office: $6.8 Million


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Natasha (Nadia Bjorlin), a gorgeous young automobile mechanic--and front to the hottest unsigned band on the West coast--finds herself caught up in illegal drag-racing competitions organized by exotic car fanatics.

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PRINCIPAL CAST:   Louis Mandylor, Nadia Bjorlin, Eddie Griffin, Angus Macfadyen, Tim Matheson, Stacey Doss, Adam Del Rio, Wyclef Jean, Danica Dias, Jasmine Dustin, Barbar Niven, Amber Lancaster, Mary Elise Hayden, Monica Cabral, Neill Skylar

DIRECTOR:   Andy Cheng

BOX OFFICE   $6.8 Million

GENRE   Action

RATING   Rated PG-13 violence, illegal and reckless behavior, sexual content, language and drug references

RUN TIME   95 Minutes

STUDIO   The Weinstein Company