December Boys
Rated PG-13
Box Office: $0.1 Million


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They share the same birth month, so the orphanage calls them the December Boys. But these teens -- Maps, Spit, Spark and Misty -- have much more in common. With no hopes of ever joining a family, they form their own familial bonds. Then the unexpected news comes that a young couple may adopt one of them, and the longtime pals suddenly share something else: a rivalry to be the chosen one. December Boys, a poignant memoir of friendship and family, marks Daniel Radcliffe's first major film role outside the Harry Potter series. He plays Maps, a big brother to the group as it stumbles and wavers on its way toward manhood. Join the boys for their remarkable journey of the heart called growing up.

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$12.99 $7.42

Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   Daniel Radcliffe, Teresa Palmer, Christian Byers, Jack Thompson, James Fraser, Kris McQuade, Lee Cormie, Victoria Hill

DIRECTOR:   Rod Hardy

BOX OFFICE   $0.1 Million

GENRE   Drama

RATING   Rated PG-13 sexual content, nudity, underage drinking and smoking

RUN TIME   105 Minutes

STUDIO   Warner Independent Pictures