Rated PG-13
Box Office: $49.4 Million


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AUSTRALIA is an epic and romantic action adventure, set in that country on the explosive brink of World War II. In it, an English aristocrat (Nicole Kidman) travels to the faraway continent, where she meets a rough-hewn local (Hugh Jackman) and reluctantly agrees to join forces with him to save the land she inherited. Together, they embark upon a transforming journey across hundreds of miles of the world's most beautiful yet unforgiving terrain, only to still face the bombing of the city of Darwin by the Japanese forces that attacked Pearl Harbor. With his new film, Baz Luhrmann is painting on a vast canvas, creating a cinematic experience that brings together romance, drama, adventure and spectacle.

Additional information

PRINCIPAL CAST:   Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, David Wenham, Bryan Brown, Jack Thompson, Bruce Spence, John Jarratt, Ben Mendelsohn, David Gulpilil, Essie Davis, Jacek Koman

DIRECTOR:   Baz Luhrmann

WRITER:   Stuart Beattie, Baz Luhrmann

BOX OFFICE   $49.4 Million

GENRE   Romance/Adventure

RATING   Rated PG-13 some violence, a scene of sensuality, and brief strong language.

RUN TIME   170 Minutes

STUDIO   20th Century Studios