Tormented Souls
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Tormented souls is a return to classic survival horror. With a fresh twist on the fixed perspective adventure, tormented souls modernises for a new generation - as caroline Walker investigates the mysterious disappearance of twin girls in a terrifying mansion-turned-hospital.

Something evil lurks at winterlake - while investigating the disappearance of Twin girls at winterlake - something terrible happens to caroline Walker.
A return to classic survival horror - tormented Souls is a modern take on the fixed-perspective adventure
Fiendish puzzles - scavenge essential resources and tools, decipher clues from long-forgotten Journal, and combine it all to solve fiendish puzzles and unravel the secrets of the mansion-turned-hospital.
Deadly combat - dark forces and unspeakable horrors will do everything in their power to stop caroline getting to the truth. Use anything and everything that you can find to fight back against the evils that wait in the darkness.
Can caroline Walker Escape with the truth? Will she Escape with her life?

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